Food Machine

  • Automatic Hydraulic Oil Press Machine

    Automatic hydraulic oil press machine Description of hydraulic oil press machine: 1. The hydraulic oil press machine is mainly used for: sesame, walnut kernel, tea seed, pine seed (good peeling effect), almond, rapeseed, peanut, soybean, king rice germ cottonseed, flax,...
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  • Oil Press With Conveyor

    Introduce of Oil press with conveyor: This screw oil press machine with lifting system adopts automatic control of electric appliances and is an integrated combination of oil presses for heating, pressing and filtering. This machine can automatically feed, automatically crush...
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  • Stainless Steel Deoiling Machine

    Stainless steel deoiling machine, vegetable dehydration deoiling machine, centrifugal deoiling machine, shrimp strip deoiling machine, potato chip deoiling machine, potato chip deoiling machine Application scope: Stainless steel deoiling machine is mainly used for dewatering...
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  • Automatic Fish Meat And Bone Separator Machine

    Introduction: Fish de-bone machine is the advanced device separate fish bone from meat through loosening by squeezing out the fish scales, skin and bone. Fish bone removing machine is convenient for small miscellaneous fishes due to their features of small, large number....
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  • Oil-water Mix Deep Frying Machine

    Introduction: Oil-water Mix Deep Frying Machine is a smokeless, multi-functional, energy-saving and environment-friendly frying equipment, which adopts advanced oil-water mixing frying technology, which completely reformed the structure of frying equipment and fundamentally...
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  • Bubble Cleaning Machine

    Applicable to: cleaning, soaking of granular, leafy and rhizome products such as vegetables, fruits and aquatic products. Product details: The Bubble cleaning machine using a bubble rolling, brushing, spraying technology, to maximize the objective cleaning. Wash clean with a...
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  • Table Top Dough Sheeter

    Introduction: The table top dough sheeter machine, also known as the crisper, is unique in design and uses imported raw materials. The table top dough sheeteris durable and easy to use. Non-stick surface, not easy to scratch, fast, low noise. It is used in pastry, egg tart,...
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  • Spring Roll, Lumpia Wrapper Making Machine

    Basic operation process: -Mixing liquid batter (wheat flour, water, or other raw material) with mixer -batter is pumped from batter container to nozzle -forming and baking automatically -separate cooked pastry from cylinder -cutting to required sizes (round shape no need)...
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  • High Cleaning Rate Rice De-stoner Machine

    Instruction : 1. T he rice de-stoner machine is mainly used in the grain processing plant. rice de-stoner machine can separate the impurities such as the light weight stone from wheat, rice, soybean, rice, rapeseed, peanut and other granular materials. 2. In the process...
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  • Chestnut Shedding Machine

    Chestnut shedding machine Introduction: Chestnut shedding machine only needs a person to operate. Chestnut shedding machine can be equipped with motor, diesel engine or oil engine for power, drive chestnut shell rotor hammer clockwise rotation. Chestnut bracts are sent from...
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  • Hot Air Circulation Oven, Stainless Steel Dryer, Electric Heating Oven

    Description: Heating mode: steam heating, electric heating, far infrared heating, steam and electricity dual-use heating mode for users to choose. The temperature range of available: steam heating 50 ~ 140 ℃ Electricity and far infrared temperature is 50 ~ 200 ℃ Commonly used...
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  • Wheat Washing Machine

    Wheat wash ing machine is mainly used to clean wheat, beans and other food crops. Wheat washing machine is the main equipment for wet cleaning of grain, which is used in various types of flour mill cleaning workshop to clean up side-by-side stones and mud blocks mixed in...
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