Mosquito Coil Machine

Mosquito coil machine is the machine which can produce mosquito coil, it is mosquito coil making production line.
  • Starch Mixing Machine

    Starch mixing machine can mix the mixed raw materials and cooked starch, become wet green and then enter to the forming machine.
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  • Dry Powder Mixing Machine

    It can mix all raw materials together, and get ready to next grout mixer.
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  • Mosquito Coil Forming Machine

    Mosquito coil forming machine has the advantages of tight and reasonable structure,stable operation,precise positioning of chain and better permeability of mosquito coil.
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  • Mosquito Coil Counting Machine

    The mosquito coil counting machine counts the mosquito coil automatically.
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  • Mosquito Coil Packing Machine

    Mosquito coil packing machine packs the sprayed mosquito coil into box automatically.
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  • Mosquito Coil Collecting Machine

    Mosquito coil collecting machine collects the dried mosquito coil which from the dryer room automatically. After drying can used this machine automatic collect .
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  • Mosquito Coil Spray Insecticide Machine

    This mosquito coil spray insecticide machine is combined with the put piece machine , mosquito coils by automatic release into the spray machine, in the mosquito layer coated with a layer of drugs.
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  • Mosquito Coil Packer

    Introduction: Mosquito-repellent incense packing mainly uses pillow type packing machine. Pillow type packaging machine is mainly used for food, vegetables and bulk materials packaging. In this production line, it needs to use pillow type packing machine and hot shrink...
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  • Mosquito Coil Collector

    Instructions: The Mosquito Coil collector collects the semi-finished mosquito coil automatically from plastic screen frame to facilitate subsequent processing--mosquito repellent liquid spraying. There are four fans mounted in the core part of the Mosquito Coil collector. The...
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  • Double-shaft Mosquito Coil Slurry Mixer

    Components: Pulping machine, steam boiler, double-shaft slurry mixer Working Principle: The pulping machine is used for mosquito coil slurry mixing and stirring. Firstly, mosquito coil slurry and water are poured according to the ratio into a blender for mixing, then be...
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  • Mosquito Coil Dryer

    Instruction: The molded mosquito coil will be convoyed by trolley to the drying room one butch by one butch. After drying for a certain period of time, the finished dried mosquito coil will be produced. It takes about 4-5 hours for drying coils thoroughly. This oven can be...
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