• Chalk Making Machine

    This Chalk making machine is a new type of practical chalk-producing appliance. It improved the old one's many disadvantages . Such as : Inefficient . High labor intensity. Material-wasting . Rough appearance . Low quality. Low rate of high quality products. And so on....
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  • Combing Machine

    Work principle: Combing machine combs the fiber with high-speed rotating comb drum, where there are staggered steel pins. When the machine is running, the steel pins comb raw material into straight and removed the adherent impurity away. Function: Combing machine is widely...
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  • Fiber Dewatering And Cleaning Machine

    Work Principle: Fibers from the decorticator gets sprayed by the machine at first, and sent to the dewatering device for removing most of the water. And then the fiber will sent to that polishing section automatically. Being flapped by the high-speed rotating rollers, the...
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  • Automatic Fibre Extracting Machine

    Introduction: Our fiber extracting machine can deal different materials and of good efficiency. Our products are widely accepted in both domestic and world market, and also exported to more than 30 countrie such as Africa, Malaysia , Philippines , Vietnam , Thailand,...
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  • Flax Peeling Machine

    Introduction of Flax peeling machine: Flax peeling machine is mainly used in jute and jute, sisal hemp, ramie, flax, hemp crops processing for peeling. Flax peeling machine is composed of power device, drag and compression device, peel separation device, feeding hopper and...
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  • Flat Belt Conveyor, Conveyor Belts

    Introduction: Chain plate conveyor is a standard chain plate as the bearing surface, by the motor reducer as the power transmission device. Chain plate conveyor, by the power plant (motor), transmission shaft, roller, tensioning device, sprocket, chain, bearing, lubricant,...
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  • Corn Straw Chaff Cutter And Rub Silk Machine

    Introduction: 1. Corn straw chaff cutter and rub silk machine series are applicable to the rubbing and breaking process of such crop stalks as cotton straw,sorghum stalk and wheat straw.the product can shatter various crop stalks into the filiform about 50mm long which will...
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  • Fully-automated Wire Hanger Making Machine

    Introduction: The fully automatic hanger machine invented by Shuliy Machinery Co., Ltd. is the most efficient hanger machine in China. It applied for national patent in 2014. The hanger making machine consists of a frame, a power unit, and a spindle. The rack is equipped with...
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  • Pug Mill

    Introduction: The pug mill machine, also known as the mud machine, the mud machine, the stirring extruder, the ceramic earth extruder. Production of mining cannon mud, ceramic processing and mixing ceramics. Usage of pug mill: Used to practice mud, it has vaccum type and...
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  • Pottery Wheel

    Introduction of pottery wheel The pottery wheel machine is made up of body shell, shell bracket, chain (or gear), ratchet, blank turntable, DC motor, stepless speed governor, AC/DC converter, battery, charger, adjustable rubber shock absorber, etc. composition. The utility...
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  • Cocoon Sheet Making Machine

    Features: 1. This cocoon sheet making machine is easy to move with wheels. 2.This machine does not require a boiler and has its own heated water circulation system. 3. This cocoon sheet making machine is very easy to operate and labor saving. 4.The machine is light and...
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