Pellet Machinery

  • Mosquito Coil Insecticide Spraying Machine

    Introduction: Mosquito coil insecticide spraying machine is mainly used to spray mosquito repellent incense liquid evenly on mosquito coil. Connected with the conveyor belt of the spraying machine, the mosquito repellent incense flows into the spraying machine automatically,...
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  • Screw Oil Press Machine

    Introduce of screw oil press machine: Screw oil press machine is particularly suitable for people from large cities to spend less money to buy real goods. Screw oil press machine can press sesame, walnuts, peanuts, olives, soybean, cocoa beans, pine nuts, sunflower seeds,...
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  • Paddle Wheel Aerator

    Application scope: Paddle wheel aerator is used for fish pond, tortoise pond, lobster pond, crab pond or other aquaculture farm, the main function is to increase the oxygen in the water to make sure that the fish or lobster or tortoise or other aquatic products in the water...
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  • Brine Injection Machine

    Introduction : The automatic salt water injection machine can inject the salted liquid and the marinade prepared from the auxiliary material into the meat block, and then the liquid is fully pickled and infiltrated by vacuum rolling, which can loosen the muscle tissue...
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  • Ring Die Animal Feed Machine

    1.High capacity

    2.high efficiency

    3.Low noise

    4.Good performance

    5.can be used for different material

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  • Poultry Feed Pellet Making Machine

    Introduction It can be made from corn peas, straw and rice husks. The final granules are mainly used in aquaculture, poultry feed, livestock farms, poultry farms, etc. It adopts high wear-resisting and wear-resistant alloy steel, which is processed by special heat treatment,...
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  • Cattle Feed Pellet Making Machine

    Introduction The animal feed pellet production line is a complete process dedicated to the manufacture of feed pellets. The unit generally includes the following processes: raw material receiving and washing processes, crushing processes, mixing processes, granulation...
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  • Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine

    Introduction This animal feed pellet making machine is mainly used for the production of poultry animal feed, and can be applied to household production or small farm production. This feed pellet manufacturing machine is mainly used to produce fine feed, and the quality of...
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  • Dog Food Pellet Making Machine

    Introduction The dog food pellet making machine can be used to process dog grain granules, especially for medium dog food feed manufacturers. It is suitable for granulation of a variety of raw materials, and this machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high...
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  • Livestock Feed Pellet Machine

    Introduction The livestock feed pellet machine can be used for the production of different animal feeds. The main advantages of feed pellets compared to materials are ease of handling, transport and storage, and a longer shelf life. The poultry granulator is made of corn...
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  • Chicken Feed Pellet Machine

    Introduction This poultry feed pellet machine can be used to make feed pellets for chickens and other poultry. This is a good choice for farmers and those planning to enter the poultry feed manufacturing industry. Feed pellets can be used on your farm or for marketing...
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  • Wet Way Fish Pellet Making Machine

    This equipment uses corn, soybeans (bean cake) animal waste as raw material, directly into the machine can be expanded to produce different particles of novel shape, unique taste, nutrient-rich, delicate organization, suitable for dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbits, Shrimp,...
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