Biomass Pellet Machine

  • Wood Pellet Machine

    1,for biomass fuel

    2,ring die pellet mill

    3,gear drive motor

    4,6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc pellets?

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  • Fertilizer Pellet Making Machine

    Main description Our granulator is a new type of granulation equipment with high production efficiency and granulation rate of over 95%. The main gear of the granulator is quenched by high frequency and the service life is doubled. Our fertilizer granulators are made of high...
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  • Wood Pellet Processing Equipment

    Advantage: 1. The motor uses thick copper coils, which generate little heat and power, thus saving costs. 2. The grinding disc is made of alloy high-strength structural steel, which is wear-resistant and has a long service life. 3. Increase the width and thickening of the...
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  • Wood Pellet Extruder Machine

    Introduction of Wood Pellet Machine: In recent years, environmental protection has become one of the most concerned topics for everyone. In order to protect the environment, everyone began to choose some small pollution fuels for production and life. Therefore, wood pellets...
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  • Wood Pellet Making Equipment

    Introduction of Wood Pellet Machine Mainly used in homes and small processing plants, the main materials are wood, straw, cotton stalks and so on. The product has the advantages of high density, high fuel and low moisture. Features and advantages 1) The main drive adopts...
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  • Commercial Wood Pellet Mill

    Introduction of Wood Pellet Machine: Commercial wood mills are widely used in industrial and civil boilers and smelting. They are widely used in heating, heating in hotels, restaurants, bathing and other industries to solve problems such as boiler environmental pollution and...
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  • Sawdust Briquette Machine

    1.high density best quality charcoal briquette

    2.1ton/day-10ton/day can be customized for you.

    3.professional manufacturer with best price

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  • Hydraulic Biomass Briquetting Machine

    Brief introduction of hydraulic biomass briquetting machine: The working principle of this machine is to use a screw to extrude raw materials. The raw materials can be coal powder, charcoal, straw, bagasse, garbage and so on. The extruded shape is mostly rod-shaped, because...
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  • Biomass Briquetting Press Machine

    Brief introduction of hydraulic biomass briquetting machine: Millions of tons of agricultural waste are produced each year in China's agricultural production process. They either do not use or inefficiently burn in a loose form, causing air pollution. Now we have a...
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