Pencil Making Machine

  • Eraser Machine

    Introduction: The eraser machine is mainly used to fasten pencils and rubber tightly together, which requires pure manual work, so its output can be controlled manually. General market common eraser machine consists of 2 parts, rubber head and rubber tie. After polishing the...
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  • Shrink Machine

    Introduction: Automatic chain heat-shrinkable film packaging machine, heat-shrinkable film bag plastic sealing machine, heat-shrinkable machine tableware packaging machine. The conveyance part of the heat-shrinkable packaging machine adopts electronic stepless speed change,...
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  • Pencil Cutting And Abrading Machine

    Introduction: Pencil cutting and abrading machine equips with two functions of pencil polishing machine and pencil cutting head machine. This machine is the third step in the process of pencil making. It is mainly used to polish the surface of the rod (the semi-finished...
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  • Pencil Rod Making Machine

    Introduction: Pencil rod making machine (pencil roll machine) Before using the machine, the glue is applied to the pencil lead, and then the glued pencil lead is placed on the cut paper. Then placed them on the conveyor belt of pencil rod making machine. Application: Pencil...
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