Waste Recyle Equipment

  • Wood Pallet Block Making Machine

    Wood block making machine using wood sawdust to make high quality sawdust feet blocks, and can change the mould in order to process sawdust feet blocks with hole or without hole according to your need.
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  • Cardboard Shredder Machine

    The cardboard shredder machine has lightweight body and wheels can save space, easy to move.
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  • Waste Carton Shredder

    This waste carton shredder machine can make waste raw material into fluffy paper to protect the fragile products.
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  • Incenses Stick Packing Machine

    This incenses stick packing machine including counting part and packaging part, full-automatic can save labor, and improve production efficiency.
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  • Charcoal Briquette Machine

    Charcoal briquette machine is to make charcoal briquette and sawdust briquette,raw material is wood sawdust,stalk,grass,straw,nuts shell and this kind biomass material. Raw material moisture is about 8-12%,size is about 2-5mm. Technical data:
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  • Incenses Stick Counting and Packing Machine

    Applicable to a wide range of Buddha incense (long incense), stick incense, bamboo stick incense and other incenses counting and packing.
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