Wood Working Machine

  • Multi-purpose Wood Shaving Machine

    Brief introduion of wood shaving machine. Wood shaving machine is mainly used to mass-produce thin-layer shavings in batches. The wood enters the machine from the feeding port, and the blade is sliced inside the machine to make the shavings. The size and thickness of the...
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  • Drum Wood Chipper

    1. Brief introduction of drum wood chipper Drum wood chipper is a kind of wood slicer and is a special equipment for producing wood chips. It is widely used in the production of particle board factory, medium and high density fiberboard factory, straw plant, bio-power plant,...
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  • Wood Debarking Machine

    Automatic horizontal wood tree log debarker machine, High quality single and double rollers wood log debarking machine.

    The machine can peel wood, also known as wood peeling machine, belonging to one of wood working machinery products.

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  • Wood Pallet Crusher Machine

    This machine can crush mill building templates nail some bamboo, waste on site template, template construction waste, wood pallets, containers, boxes, discarded furniture, wood waste and other waste wood with nails
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  • Wood Pellet Manufacturing Equipment

    Main description The machine consists of a complete processing line that includes a tapered screw and other accessories. Machines can make wood pellets, and the resulting pellets are similar in shape and size, without much difference. And the produced particles have a...
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  • Wood Sawdust Block Making Machine

    Wood crusher Suitable for all kinds of wood crushing and recycling, raw materials include hardwood, cork, particleboard, plywood, abandoned sofa, abandoned wooden sofa, wooden cabinets, furniture and so on.
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  • Wood Shaving Machine

    Wood Shaving Machine, also called Wood Paring Machine, or Wood Flaker (Machine), which can making the wood log into wood shaving. The wood shaving can be used to the animal bedding. The machine includes rack, the platform on the rack, knife rest, cutters, diesel engine etc.
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  • Wood Powder Machine

    Water cooling type wood powder grinding machine adopts double layers of machine body. The injection of running water into machine body performs the function of water cooling.
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  • Wood Chipping Machine

    Wood chipper also called wood shredder, wood chipping machine, wood crusher is used to make wood chips, wood pieces which specially designed for round logs, square blocks, wood staff and so on. The efficiency is much higher than the ordinary one.
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  • Wood Log Peeling Machine

    This machine can peel wood,also known as wood peeling machine,belonging to one of wood working machinery products.
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